Hallet UV Water Filters are Pure
UV water purification system models, with patented Crossfire® Technology
Hallett Wastewater Series, with patented Crossfire Technology, are engineered for simple, efficient multiplex configuration, and treat wastewater, process and reuse at flows up to 1 MGD (3785 m³/day). The Hallett’s Crossfire Technology incorporates elliptical reflectors that reuse UV energy and deliver a UV dose up to 2.4 times greater than conventional UV systems. Reflecting the UV light also targets pathogens from 360 degrees and eliminates the risk of shadowing, which is more likely in conventional systems and could allow live pathogens to pass through.  
UV Pure® Technologies has been trusted as the UV water filtration supplier to:
Max flow rate: 13 USGPM @ 65% UVT, 30 mJ/cm2 dose
Max flow rate: 25 USGPM @ 65% UVT, 30 mJ/cm2 dose
Max flow rate: 25 USGPM @ 65% UVT, 30 mJ/cm2 dose
Hallett is an ideal solution for commercial, industrial, and small municipal applications such schools, hospitals, camps and trailer parks, mining camps, packages treatment plants, new condo and community constructions, marine transportation, rain water harvesting, etc.
Easy to Maintain
Hallett systems have been engineered to be virtually maintenance free. A robust, automatic cleaning system prevents scale and biofilm from accumulating inside the quartz sleeve and dramatically reduces the need to clean the quartz sleeve with dangerous acids.  Since the UV lamps are mounted in air, overheating is never a problem. Also, lamp change is also easy and quick without exposing the operator to wastewater.
• Automatic Cleaning System - Virtually Maintenance Free  
• Easy to change Bulbs - No Contact with Waste Water
Monitoring and Alerts
Hallett LPHO (Low pressure high output) outperforms conventional UV systems with the ability to treat a very low quality (Low UV transmittance, as low as 45%) wastewater trouble free. Hallett is smart with dual sensors and on-board full diagnostics which makes it ideal for remote monitoring and management.  Dual smart UV sensors continually monitor UV lamp output and water quality, ensuring the highest level of disinfection and public health protection. If either of these parameters does not meet the set specifications, the systems will sound an alarm, notify the operator, and automatically shut down.
• Real-time Monitoring: Lamp intensity output and water UV transmittance quality
• Audible and visual alarms
Proud to be Chosen by Boeing!
Since 1998, UV Pure® Technologies has deployed over 14,000 installations and has been chosen by Boeing® to as the UV water treatment provider for purifying the water on the 21st century airplane, the new 787 Dreamliner®.

What is Cross Fire Technology?

Most Effective UV Treatment. Crossfire Technology is self-cleaning. Smart technology engineered to be fail safe and risk free. Engineered to be virtually maintenance free. Low operating and total lifetime costs. Quick and easy to install.
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