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UV Pure’s Crossfire Technology uses dual smart UV sensors that continuously monitor UV Dose, Lamp Intensity (UVI), and net UV Transmittance (UVT). That means a disinfection dose 2.4 times greater than conventional UV systems for the same energy input and cost. For more information visit:

UV Lamp removal is fast, safe and easy on all UV Pure systems like this Hallett 30 system for wastewater and potable water treatments. There is no extra, wasted space required for lamp removal. Hallett’s are equipped with UV Pure’s patented Crossfire Technology.

Flexible stainless steel hook-up hoses mean no hard piping and are standard on all UV Pure Hallett wastewater and potable water treatment systems.

Only UV Pure’s patented Crossfire Technology provides automatic mechanical self-cleaning eliminating quartz fouling from minerals and bio-film. It also prevents operator exposure to potentially toxic wastewater. With Crossfire Technology there is no risk of false alarms due to fouling.