Self-cleaning, smart, care-free UV water treatment isn’t a pipe dream.

It’s a reality.

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Meet the new Hallett.

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Self-cleaning, smart, care-free; it's our most advanced, robust Hallett yet

With non-contact design and flip panel access, it's our most advanced design yet.

Over 18,000 applications on 5 continents. Municipalities, OEM’s, Specifiers and Distributors know Hallett well for effective, UV purification for potable water.

Patented self-cleaning prevents quartz fouling.

Automatic cycles of rotating dual 316L stainless steel blades keep the quartz free from mineral and biofilm build up, for consistent optimal UV dose. No fouling means no need for water softeners. Eliminates related alarms and broken quartz tubes in conventional UV systems. Engineered to be virtually maintenance free.

Excellent performance in very hard water and low UVT applications with Crossfire Technology®.

Dual amalgam air cooled UV lamps surrounded by elliptical reflectors focus germicidal energy 360° eliminating UV shadowing, overheating, and magnifying the dose. It’s effective in water 10 times harder than conventional UV systems. Hallett is the best for low UVT conditions too.

New case, engineered for quick and easy lamp changes.

The fastest lamp change on the market, clocking at less than 1 minute. Flip the door open and swap out the UV lights without needing to drain the system. Power down and up at a whim -- no need for long wait times to check if the system is working. Confined space? No problem -- Hallet was designed with a small footprint, without needint to drain the system, and with no risk of quartz breaking.

Dual UV sensors and smart technology.®.

Dual smart sensors continuously monitor UV dose, Lamp Intensity (UVI) and net UV Transmittance (UVT), and display that data plus operating temperature in real time. The system supports remote monitoring. Onboard LED readouts tell you immediately whether an issue is off-spec water from bad lamps or from some other problem, so that you'll know you have Pure Safe Water. Always®.

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Hallett is the most effective UV treatment for potable, waste and reuse water.


Rest assured that your drinking water is always safe.

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Reclaimed or recycled water is effectively treated for next stage use.



Rest assured that your drinking water is always safe.

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Looking for a non-certified solution with the same power and effectivness as Hallet? There’s Upstream.

There’s a Hallet for all applications and flow rates.

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“E&W Equipment has worked with UV Pure Technologies for several years, and we are pleased to report that their unique self-cleaning Crossfire Technology, has become our UV system of choice for lower flow applications. We are really looking forward to UV Pure’s next generation of systems, the H 60 product line, both because of the larger flow capacity, and their EPA, NWRI, and Wastewater validation. These improvements should mean a dramatically larger market for our applications incorporating Hallett systems. Congratulations to the UV Pure team!"

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James P. Connor

P.E. E & W Equipment Company, LLC

There’s so much more to Hallett.
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