Singapore housing development installs 78 UV systems for rainwater harvesting

An innovative rainwater harvesting system equipped with UV Pure disinfection allows residents at a new luxury housing development in Singapore to dramatically reduce potable water demand and contribute to the island nation’s goal of water self-sufficiency.

The systems were designed and installed by local UV Pure representative Netatech to capture, store and treat rainwater to a high standard that is safe for on-site landscape irrigation. Each of the 78 housing units is equipped with its own fully automated, chemical-free rainwater harvesting and disinfection system that can be managed by the homeowners. The systems will collectively help reduce potable water demand in the complex by an estimated 233,600 cubic metres (61.7 million US gallons) of water per year, alongside other water savings initiatives.


Rainwater is abundant in Singapore and our clients demand an efficient, easy-to-use harvesting and treatment system that can take full advantage of this resource. When designing this system, we compared alternatives such as chlorine and ultrafiltration membranes, but ultimately selected the UV Pure Upstream® system for its chemical-free operation, low maintenance requirements and energy efficiency.

~ Daniel Wong, Technology Innovation Officer for Netatech

Each treatment system includes a skid-mounted UV Pure unit in a dedicated outdoor compartment outside the house. Rainwater from each property is collected by gravity in a 700-litre (180-gallon) tank that passes through a pre-treatment screen filter and 5-micron cartridge filter. Disinfection is performed by an Upstream NC 10-75 unit that provides up to 33 litres per minute (9 gallons per minute) of clean water to supplement household water use.


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