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Hallett 30 NSF Update
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How UV Disinfection Works & Its Benefits
  • 1. What is different about UV Pure water disinfection products?

    Our products are different because of our patented Crossfire Technology and innovative design for ultraviolet water disinfection systems. We manufacture high quality treatment equipment with premium features for industry-leading performance and reliability, and easier operation than other conventional UV equipment. Learn more >

  • 2. What is Crossfire Technology?

    UV Pure’s patented Crossfire Technology™ is the core of our ultraviolet disinfection systems. Crossfire is an innovative dual-lamp elliptical reflector design that incorporates self-cleaning and smart sensors for advanced UV water disinfection that is non-contact and proven for even the most difficult water quality conditions like low UVT and mineral-rich water. Learn more >

  • 3. What is Hallett?

    Hallett™ is the advanced ultraviolet water disinfection product line by UV Pure featuring our unique Crossfire Technology. With over 18,000 installations worldwide, Hallett products are proven for safe UV disinfection in potable, wastewater, reuse, and rainwater applications in all sectors for flows up to 1 million gallons per day (3,800 cubic metres per day). Learn more >

  • 4. Where can I purchase UV Pure products and parts?

    Use our online Dealer Lookup tool to find a qualified UV Pure representative near you.

  • 5. What is UVT?

    UV transmittance or UVT is a measure of the percentage of ultraviolet light (at the germicidal wavelength of 254 nm) that passes through water, which indicates the water quality for receiving an effective UV dose for sterilizing pathogens. Even water that looks perfectly clear can have low UVT because of dissolved minerals and solids that absorb and block UV light, reducing the effectiveness of UV disinfection. Crossfire Technology by UV Pure overcomes the challenges of low UVT water disinfection. Learn more >

  • 6. How do I select the right UV water disinfection product?

    Not all UV disinfection products on the market are equal. Always check the manufacturer’s product information for the recommended range of operating conditions for variables like flow, temperature, pressure, UVT, and effective UV dose. Contact us >

  • 1. Can I install a UV Pure system with PVC piping connections?

    No, do not install a unit with PVC pipe and fittings or a braided hose at the outlet. The UV system can produce high water temperature—especially during extended periods of no flow—that may exceed the softening point of PVC if the unit fails to purge. Use metal pipe or high temperature plastic pipe, such as PEX, for at least 4 feet (1.2 metres) after the unit before connecting to PVC piping. Refer to installation recommendations by UV Pure.

  • 2. Can I mount the units horizontally?

    No, units cannot be mounted horizontally. Units must be mounted vertically due to the design of the lamp and cooling systems. Refer to installation recommendations by UV Pure.

  • 1. Should I replace my lamps every year even if the lamp output is still good after 9,000 hours?

    Yes, replace lamps after 9,000 hours of use. Low pressure high output (LPHO) lamps will use up most of the useful gas in the lamps within this period. Even though the output appears to be fine, it can change suddenly without warning.

    After 9,000 hours of use, LPHO lamps will burn off most of the tungsten from the filaments at which point the lamps will require more energy to keep them illuminated. Not only do the lamps become less efficient, this can also cause damage to the ballast.

    Amalgam LPHO lamps should be replaced after 12,000 hours of use.

  • 2. My unit is giving a water quality alarm even though the water is perfectly clear. Is there a problem with my unit?

    Even water that looks perfectly clear can have low UV transmittance (UVT). UVT is a measure of the percentage of ultraviolet light (at wavelength of 254 nm) that passes through the water, which indicates the water quality for receiving an effective UV dose for disinfection.

    Every UV Pure unit is designed to alarm when its sensors detect UVT below the set minimum level, typically either 50 or 75% UVT depending on the water application (for example, potable or reuse water). If the UVT drops below the unit setpoint, the system will alarm.

    If the unit indicates a water quality alarm, check that the sensors, quartz sleeve and reflectors in the unit are in good working order (refer to your Instruction Manual). If the alarm continues, test the water quality for UVT to confirm if it meets the unit setpoint. If the measured UVT is below the setpoint, you may need to upgrade your water pre-treatment equipment or UV Pure disinfection system.

  • 3. I purchased a set of lamps from an online vendor, but the top ceramics do not say ‘UV Pure’. Are they safe to use?

    We do not recommend using parts other than original UV Pure OEM parts. Other parts have not been tested or approved for use in our units. Non-OEM aftermarket parts may cause adverse performance of your unit or even component failure. The use of aftermarket parts will void any warranties for your unit.