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Small community relies on UV for safe drinking water and wastewater treatment

For the Fetherston Park mobile home community in Eastern Ontario, UV Pure disinfection systems provided the best combination of protection, performance, and low maintenance at a price that the small community can afford.

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Financial building banks on UV protection against Legionella in plumbing

Major outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease struck the Netherlands in 1999 and 2006, affecting the health of over 200 people. As a result, the Dutch government now requires all public buildings to conduct a risk analysis for Legionella and to implement a prevention and control plan.

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Decentralized wastewater treatment protects a sensitive marine environment

Instead of building conventional septic systems for 15 new town-homes, a developer has installed a state-of-the-art Aquapoint treatment system with chemical-free ultraviolet disinfection to reduce nutrient loading and improve water quality for a sensitive bay in Cataumet, Massachusetts.

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Algoma Orchards achieves water self-reliance with reliable onsite treatment

In 2009, Algoma Orchards opened a new facility to be self-reliant for its water needs. After years of struggling with poor performance, Algoma Orchards started by replacing the conventional UV system for potable water disinfection with two new Upstream units by UV Pure.

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Singapore housing development installs 78 UV systems for rainwater harvesting

An innovative rainwater harvesting system, equipped with UV Pure disinfection, will enable residents at a new, luxury landed housing property in Singapore to dramatically reduce potable water demand and contribute to the island nation’s goal of water self-sufficiency.

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Rainwater transformed into safe drinking water for livestock at Ohio, USA farm

Inadequate groundwater supplies prompted Cooper Farms in Ohio to begin harvesting and reusing rainwater as a supplement to its potable water supply and to reduce its demand on the local groundwater system.

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Mitchell’s Ice Cream chooses UV Pure for low-maintenance disinfection of rainwater

An onsite rainwater harvesting and treatment system reduces demand on local water resources and provides a sustainable supply of water for landscape irrigation.

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Home treatment systems deliver safe water to First Nation community

A pilot program is demonstrating the benefits of point-of-entry treatment and UV disinfection to bring affordable, safe drinking water to the First Nation community of Alderville, Ontario.

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