WEFTEC Attendees Lined Up to Experience the New Hallett

UV Pure sales team at WEFTECThe UV Pure team exhibited at WEFTEC, an annual industry event showcasing technologies and innovations related to water quality. The 2019 edition was held on 21–25 September in Chicago, IL and attracted more than 20,000 industry professionals. The water quality sector is making great technological progress and UV Pure is leading the charge with our innovative Hallett systems.

Our team was elated to showcase the New generation Hallett launched earlier this year. The highly receptive market to the technological upgrades from generation 1 & 2 Hallett to the New generation Hallett was beyond our expectations.

Strong Interest in the New Hallett

While UV Pure is no stranger to WEFTEC, significant buzz sparked this year with the arrival of our New generation Hallett systems.

Our customers and industry colleagues had familiarity with the first two generations of our UV systems, powered by UV Pure’s award-winning Crossfire Technology. That made it all the more encouraging to receive such positive feedback regarding the new features and technology updates, including:

  • The new Hallett 1000, our largest model yet, which can handle flows up to 100 US GPM
  • Improved dual UV sensor array design with quad-sensor models available
  • Better temperature management with built-in purge valve and available lamp heaters
  • Color touchscreen interface
  • Remote start capability

With the New generation Hallett offering such sensible pricing, WEFTEC attendees and customers were able to see the product for what it truly is: innovative, leading and reliable.

High demand and promising opportunities

UV Pure sales team at WEFTEC

There was a stable green light at UV Pure’s booth throughout WEFTEC. Our team members– which included Alex Zammit, Service Manager; Alok Paliwal, Sales Director; David McNamee, Director of Operations; and Bruno Puiatti, Director of Business Development (Clearford) – kept busy with significant conversations and product demos throughout the event.

“It was great to see so many familiar and new faces among those visiting our booth,” said Alex Zammit. “The heavy traffic led to countless conversations explaining the capabilities of the third-generation Hallett and discussing how we can provide solutions to diverse water challenges,” he continued.

In addition to seeing considerable interest in placing orders for Hallett units, we also laid the groundwork for business development opportunities in California, the Northeast US, Western Canada, and Eastern Europe.

Inspiration to keep raising the bar

As always, we found it inspiring to see the innovation on display at WEFTEC and the passion with which our industry colleagues are tackling water quality challenges. WEFTEC reopened our eyes to seeing that when it comes to UV water disinfection, UV Pure is truly a leader.

To learn more about what sparked so much interest our new Hallett, download the New generation Hallett packet .

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Testing the waters at WEFTEC 2018 with UV Pure’s new low-maintenance disinfection systems

Most water and wastewater system operators can’t believe that UV Pure Hallett systems can operate for months, or even years, without manual cleaning – a time-consuming process typically required for conventional ‘light-in-a-pipe’ UV systems.

This was one of the key takeaways from UV Pure’s product session at WEFTEC this year, which was attended by over 20,000 water industry professionals in New Orleans, Louisiana, from September 29 to October 3, 2018.

UV Pure’s Service Manager, Alex Zammit, led a technical session at WEFTEC, which showcased how the company’s patented self-cleaning system removes scale and buildup from inside the quartz sleeve. Although the session was initially expected to last half an hour, it was extended to over an hour as Alex answered a flurry of questions about Crossfire Technology™ and how it helps dramatically reduce time and money spent on system maintenance.

WEFTEC 2018 UV Pure

UV Pure’s sales representatives My Linh Le Thi and Alok Paliwal were also in the thick of the action at the event. They spoke with attendees one-on-one and demonstrated the one-minute lamp change that’s enabled by the unique vertical air-mounted lamp design of the Hallett systems.

Clearford Koester Canada’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Peter Rupcic, accompanied the team as a key business partner and spoke with attendees about the strengths of the business partnership between Clearford and UV Pure. This includes the ability to design, build, and operate complete water and wastewater treatment facilities for small communities that incorporate UV Pure disinfection.

Attendees at WEFTEC were also interested to learn more about the new support program that UV Pure will be launching in the coming months. This program will offer training sessions and dedicated resources for clients and channel partners. Stay tuned for more details!


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