June 11, 2018

In 2018, a new rainwater harvesting system with UV Pure disinfection was installed at Mitchell’s Ice Cream in Strongsville, Ohio by UV Pure’s local representative, Rain Brothers.

Mitchell’s Ice Cream is one of the largest ice cream companies in Ohio with a fully integrated production facility. It offers over 35 flavours of hand-crafted ice cream along with a variety of pies, gourmet cakes and fresh fruit smoothies.

The onsite rainwater treatment process reduces demand on local water resources and provides a sustainable supply of water for landscape irrigation. Water is first collected in a 5,500 gallon (21,000 litre) precast concrete rainwater harvesting tank that feeds into a two-stage pre-treatment system. The pre-treatment includes a 20-micron melt-blown poly filter and five-micron carbon block filter that are housed in a five-cartridge stainless steel housing. The final step in the water treatment process is ultraviolet disinfection by a UV Pure Upstream NC 10-50 system.

The UV Pure system is compact, low-maintenance and very easy to use. It is much easier to maintain than the conventional UV disinfection system we installed a few years ago at the Mitchell’s Ice Cream main production facility in Cleveland, Ohio. The system we installed at that location turned out to be very high maintenance because it had to be taken apart every month to be cleaned. We took this into consideration when designing a rainwater harvesting system for their location in Strongsville.

~ Jonathan Meier, co-owner of Rain Brothers

Each UV Pure system is equipped with an automatic, self-cleaning wiper mechanism that prevents mineral deposits from accumulating on the quartz sleeve and dramatically reduces maintenance duties for operators. Maintaining a clean quartz sleeve is essential to achieve the highest possible UV dose for optimum disinfection performance and to avoid unnecessary alarms and system shutdowns.


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