Cottage owner ensures safe well water with low-maintenance UV Pure system

System Design Specifications
  • Application:  Potable water treatment
  • Location:  Cottage in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario
  • Commissioned:  September 2017
  • System:  1 – UV Pure Upstream NC 10-50
  • Flow:  10 gpm (38 L/min)
  • Minimum UV dose:  40 mJ/cm2
  • Minimum UVT:  50%

Ryerson Urban Water’s Executive Director, Nick Reid, recently purchased a cottage in the Kawartha Lakes to provide him and his family worry-free escapes from the city. However, unlike municipal water systems that use a multi-barrier approach to ensure water safety, Reid knew that many well water users have no protective barrier before the tap. That is why he opted to install a UV disinfection system for an extra measure of safety against any microbiological threat that could arise if surface water made its way into his well.

Because the property had been vacant and the well was unused for an extended period, Reid took steps to chemically disinfect and flush the well. This helped to improve the water quality but did not provide residual protection. To ensure he never had to worry about water quality, Reid wanted a UV disinfection system that would provide a high level of safety for his drinking water with minimal maintenance. So he decided to install a UV Pure Upstream NC 10‑50 unit in September 2017.

“I could have gone to a big box store and bought a conventional, off-the shelf UV disinfection unit,” says Reid, “But I wasn’t confident that those systems could provide consistent, protection without frequent cleaning. UV Pure has an excellent reputation and their Upstream system has built-in self-cleaning capabilities, which assures me that our water is disinfected and safe to drink.”

The compact, point-of-entry system was quickly installed in the basement of Reid’s cottage and operates on standard household voltage. Well water first passes through an activated charcoal filter and then a manganese dioxide cartridge. The final disinfection is provided by the Upstream unit before the water is distributed throughout the cottage.

Crossfire Technology provides reliable disinfection for drinking water

“UV Pure’s unique Crossfire Technology™ was an important consideration for me when selecting a UV disinfection system for my cottage,” Reid says. “Dual smart UV sensors continually monitor UV lamp output and water quality, ensuring the highest level of treatment and health protection. If either of these parameters does not meet the set specifications, the systems will sound an alarm, notify me and automatically shut down.”

The Crossfire Technology incorporates two UV lamps mounted in air and elliptical reflectors that enable reuse of UV energy. This design targets pathogens from 360 degrees to provide inactivation of pathogenic organisms such as E. coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. This also eliminates the risk of shadowing which is more likely in conventional systems and could allow live pathogens to pass through.

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