September 19, 2018

On October 1, UV Pure will launch its new reliable, self-cleaning Hallett™ series at WEFTEC 2018 in New Orleans. UV Pure’s new Hallett 1000 model joins the existing family of Hallett systems to provide advanced UV disinfection for potable water, wastewater, water reuse, and rainwater harvesting in municipal, industrial, and commercial applications.

The new Hallett family includes re-designed models from Potable, Wastewater, Reuse and NC product lines.

Hallett NC replaces the Upstream™ product line for applications that don’t require formal certification to NSF/ANSI standards or performance validation under US EPA and NWRI testing protocols.

UV Pure’s new Hallett Potable models provide the highest level of reliability and protection for public and private drinking water systems, including the most challenging applications for hard and mineral-rich water. Multiple smart sensors continually monitor UV dose, lamp intensity, and UV transmittance (UVT), and they can trigger an alarm or shut down the system entirely if treated water quality does not meet specified thresholds.

The Hallett PN series includes models that are certified to NSF/ANSI standards (pending), while Hallett 1000P systems will be validated to meet the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) globally accepted protocols for UV water disinfection. Water industry professionals rely on these designations for assurance that UV disinfection equipment provides the highest level of pathogen inactivation, public health protection, and regulatory compliance.

UV Pure’s new Hallett Wastewater product line ensures effective disinfection of domestic and industrial wastewater with UVT as low as 35% to minimize pre-treatment requirements. As with all of our systems, the new Hallett W-models incorporate a unique vertical, non-contact design with dual air-mounted UV lamps in an elliptical-reflector reactor chamber to concentrate sterilizing UV energy on wastewater from 360 degrees. The quartz sleeve continually cleans itself with an automatic wiper that prevents the buildup of biofilm and mineral scaling. The Hallett design enables lamp changes to be completed without the risk of coming in contact with wastewater in the quartz sleeve, and in much smaller spaces compared to conventional light-in-a-pipe systems.

UV Pure is also launching a new Hallett Reuse product line for disinfection of reuse water and rainwater. These Hallett R-models will be validated to provide an effective UV disinfection dose for low-UVT water from greywater and rainwater collection systems, and other reuse water from commercial and industrial applications.

Hallett 1000R systems will be validated to meet the National Water Research Institute (NWRI) and EPA protocols for UV water disinfection for UVT as low as 35%. This level of treatment assures public health protection under challenging conditions and significantly outperforms many conventional UV systems, which are often rated effective only for cleaner water with UVT above 75%.

New Hallett systems are still powered by UV Pure’s patented Crossfire Technology™

This technology features an automatic self-cleaning mechanism that continually removes minerals and biofilm from the quartz sleeve, thereby preventing fouling, maximizing UV dose delivery, and virtually eliminating the need for manual cleaning. Crossfire Technology also integrates multiple smart sensors that continuously monitor UV dose, lamp intensity, and net UVT for optimum performance.

The new Hallett systems will be launching at WEFTEC 2018.

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