May 27, 2020

When UV Pure® decided to redesign a new generation of Hallett, it defined what the best features and proven technologies are in the UV water disinfection world. The Third Generation Hallett hit the pavement running when it was first introduced to the market in March 2019 and hasn’t slowed down since.

What sets the Hallett apart from competing products, is its non-contact maintenance and easy to operate colour touch screen. This means the operator is not exposed to coming in contact with contaminated water when performing routine procedures, such as quartz inspections and lamp changes. In fact, the Third Generation Hallett design makes maintenance even easier.

To help visualize the advancements from the First and Second Generation Hallett to the new Third Generation Hallett, we have selected a few features to compare between the generations to better explain the improvements that have been made.

Automatic Quartz Sleeve Cleaning Mechanism

The automatic quartz sleeve cleaning mechanism has always been built into our product and always will be. The new door design allows for easier quartz inspection.

User Interface

The user interface has evolved significantly between Hallett generations. The First Generation Hallett had a single button interface, which was then expanded to four mechanical buttons for the Second Generation Hallett, and since then has developed to a multi-colour LED touch-screen display for the Third Generation Hallett.

The new onboard colour touch screen displays UV dose, a real-time clock, operating status and self-diagnostics. With improved message history capabilities, storage capacity has increased to the last 99 messages with real-time information that includes time, sensor values, temperatures, dose, UVT and UVI values at time of alarm.

Third Generation touchscreens display all most relevant information when treating:

        • System Model
        • Remaining Lamp Life
        • UV Dose
        • Maximum Flow
        • Date & Time

These latest advancements also lead to less time spent on operational troubleshooting. During warnings, the LED screen will turn yellow and display the active warning message, no longer requiring to search through message histories or manuals to understand what faults are being communicated. This will reduce operational downtime and service time of operators.

External Alarm Contacts

Focusing on efficiency and reliability, the Third Generation Hallett continues to provide two dry contacts for alarms or auto-dialers. The word “dry” typically indicates undetected voltage present at the contact. The first contact consists of a “System Run” condition, which upon being closed, indicates the unit is in treating mode, while if open, indicates the unit is in alarm, has lost power, or perhaps the wire has been damaged. The second contact labeled “warning” indicates the existence of an abnormal condition such as high-water temperature. If this contact is open, the system is operating under normality and if closed, a warning condition is presently communicated.

Remote Start/Stop

With the First and Second Generation Hallett’s not having the ease of the remote start/stop function, our team put high focus on adding this feature in the Third Generation Hallett. By having this feature built into the model, UV Pure can offer built-in redundancy when in parallel configuration.

Minimum UVT Required

In the UV disinfection world, we all understand the importance in having low UV transmittance (UVT). Our Third Generation Hallett 1000’s has one of the lowest UVT´s in the market. In the table below, you will see the minimum UVT required for our different models.


Minimum UVT Required

Third Generation (H1000 series)


Third Generation (H500, H750 series)


Second Generation (H15xs, NC series)


First Generation (H30, H13 series)



Lamp Heaters

UV pure has improved its product performance in cold climates by installing lamp heaters into the H500 and H750 series of the Third Generation Hallett.

Lamp Change Duration

Changing the lamps in the Hallett models has always been easy, but now customers can change the lamps themselves! With the easy access to the lamps, it takes less than two minutes to change the lamps.


The new Third Generation Hallett models have NSF/ANSI certifications and third-party validation in accordance with the US EPA UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM) and NWRI UV Disinfection Guidelines for Drinking Water and Water Reuse. With a small footprint and simple plug-and-play design, the Hallett is quick to install and easy to start up, even in the tightest of spaces.

Interested in learning more? Watch our latest video “Meet the Hallett”, which introduces Third Generation Hallett™ and discusses the advanced features and upgrades that make this product the best yet.