August 27, 2018

Effective treatment and reliable performance are two of the top factors operators consider when evaluating the effectiveness of UV lamps, since they often provide the final step, and sometimes the only step, in water disinfection.

That’s why UV Pure’s new high-capacity Hallett systems are equipped with high-output, long-life amalgam lamps that ensure they can consistently and reliably achieve their performance goals under the toughest conditions.

Longer lamp life

Each of UV Pure’s amalgam lamps are powered by a UL-certified pre-heat ballast, which provides a soft start to the amalgam lamps. It also increases their operating life by 65% to provide maximum UV output for up to 12,000 hours, or approximately 16 months.


Wider range of operation

UV output may decline when conventional light-in-a-pipe systems are exposed to cooler temperatures or extreme heat.

Compared to conventional systems, the new amalgam lamps provide greater thermal resistance, which enables them to produce the highest dose of germicidal UV-C light in a wider range of temperatures.


Proven reliability through third-party testing

UV Pure amalgam lamps are verified to meet stringent performance specifications. This validation assures operators that each UV Pure amalgam lamp will achieve the National Water Reuse Institute (NWRI) UV disinfection guidelines for wastewater treatment and reuse to provide the highest level of public health protection.

The units are also being validated to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standards to treat various pathogenic microbes, including adenovirus.


System treats tough water conditions

The Hallett system, with Crossfire® technology, mounts UV lamps in air rather than inside the quartz sleeve and employs elliptical reflectors to reuse and reflect UV light energy.

This design targets pathogens from 360 degrees and intensifies the UV dose – enabling the Hallett systems to handle treated effluent that is 10X worse than conventional light-in-a-pipe UV systems.

 Advantages of UV Pure’s Crossfire technology over conventional UV systems: