July 13, 2020

Beyond the advanced features of our Third Generation Hallett™ product line offers, UV Pure® Technologies recently partnered with Image Obscura Inc. photographer, Heather Goldsworthy, for a professional photoshoot of our Third Generation Hallett product lines. Obtaining high-res quality images was the last tasking to complete the portfolio of UV Pure’s leading product, the Third Generation Hallett.

As a leader in the UV disinfection world, we are committed to showing leadership throughout all of our efforts, including marketing. The partnership with Image Obscura Inc. aided our company image by producing a cohesive portfolio of images that aligned with UV Pure’s branding and style.

As UV Pure continues to form long-lasting relationships with its clients, communities, and partners, a strong portfolio image is an important tool to properly display our most valued product yet. The sleek, sturdy, reliable Third Generation Hallett deserves the best representation and that is why we committed to curating images by a photographer to ensure the subject matter, saturation and theme uniformly resonate with our target market. At the helm of the UV Pure brand, improving the imagery serves a purpose of properly displaying the enhanced product and its features, and to invite customers to further learn about our products.

As we lay the foundation for establishing consistency throughout our portfolio, UV Pure has now expanded elemental tools for further promoting our products via social media, advertisement, website, and other industry-relevant platforms. We hope consumers come to view the new Third Generation Hallett portfolio through a lens of quality and value!