June 11, 2019

Hello from UV Pure! While only a few months have passed since our last update, we have significant developments to share. Please read on to learn how we are breaking new ground in the world of UV water disinfection technology and primed for growth in the months ahead.

Achieving globally recognized certifications
Making safe water available globally is the driving motivation behind our work at UV Pure. That’s why we are proud to announce that we recently achieved two important safety certifications for key models in our line of third-generation Hallett™ systems:

  • Our new Hallett 1000 systems have achieved NWRI/USEPA UVDGM 2006 certification
  • Our new Hallett 500PN and 750PN systems have achieved NSF/ANSI 55A certification

Anyone familiar with the testing processes for these certifications knows how rigorous they are. Each model is submitted to a battery of tests over a period of 3–6 months to ensure they perform as promised and meet every technical requirement, such as maintaining minimum UV dose levels and ensuring there is no leaching from any parts in the system.

Although the certification process is lengthy and expensive, we believe it is worth the time, effort, and cost because ensuring safety and providing peace of mind are paramount.

Of course, it’s not these certifications that make UV Pure systems safe, but rather the patented Crossfire Technology™ that sits at the core of all our systems. Nonetheless, these NWRI/USEPA and NSF/ANSI certifications are crucial in signalling to the world that our technology meets globally recognized safety standards. For industries and applications where certification is mandatory, our customers can be confident that Hallett systems are up to the job.

Rolling out our third-generation Hallett systems
Following a huge effort by our team and much anticipation among our customers, we achieved a major milestone in Q2 with the launch of our third-generation Hallett systems. Together with the new certifications mentioned above, this marks the culmination of years of hard work and the start of an exciting new phase for UV Pure.

We started shipping out and installing the first units in May, with these initial systems going to customers in Ontario. However, we are gearing up to meet the growing demand from customers around the world, including in Europe, Colombia, Singapore, and Australia. We were greatly humbled and encouraged to receive purchase orders for third-generation Hallett systems from some customers even before we had assigned part numbers.

Design improvements and new features are driving a lot of the interest in the new systems, which offer:

  • Non-contact design
  • Flip-panel access
  • Dual smart sensors for real-time monitoring
  • Flow rates from 25 gpm to 100 gpm

As our largest unit to date, the new Hallett 1000 in particular is generating a lot of interest. With a 100 gpm flow rate and the potential to link multiple units in a manifold system, the Hallett 1000 is unlocking opportunities for UV Pure in new markets and applications that require high-capacity, cost-efficient UV water disinfection.

Ramping up operation at our new facility
The renovations and fit-out of our new facility in Toronto are nearly complete. We have transformed the space since moving in in November 2018 to support a major expansion of our manufacturing and R&D activities. Having our R&D, production, and management functions all housed under one roof helps our team work collaboratively to innovate, problem solve, and better support our customers.

The completion of the facility with a five-fold expansion of manufacturing space comes just in time as we ramp up production and sales of our third-generation Hallett systems. In the months ahead, we also look forward to welcoming technicians and other users of UV Pure systems to our in-house training centre for workshops and courses.

If you have questions about the new Hallett systems or would like to discuss how they can meet your requirements for safe water, please get in touch. Whether you’re down the road in Ontario or halfway around the world, we would love to hear from you!