October 17, 2017

UV Pure’s disinfection technology is rapidly gaining recognition and acceptance in Latin America, leading other water companies to ask how they too can achieve success in that market.

At the 2017 WEFTEC conference, UV Pure CEO was among three presenters to share advice at a workshop titled “Americas Best Practices Workshop – Do’s and Don’ts.”

During the session, leadership team talked about UV Pure’s growth in Latin America and focused on actions that could help small- and medium-sized water companies initiate and expand export relationships. UV Pure’s CEO emphasized the importance of federal and provincial trade commissioners who can host trade missions, help companies learn about local markets, provide fundamental market research and make introductions to potential business partners and sales prospects.

Such activities were critical to assist UV Pure’s entry into Colombia and to win a showcase project for a municipal water treatment plant near Bogota that serves about 5,000 residents. This plant incorporates ten Upstream systems in its treatment process and is the first in Colombia to begin using UV Pure technology for primary disinfection of potable water in response to stronger treatment standards mandated by the government.

We also spoke about the importance of strong relationships, not only to gain sales, but also to attract and retain strong in-country representatives. These partners are critical since they often already have important business connections, understand the procurement process and can offer ongoing, local support.

Novem, UV Pure’s new representative for Mexico, is an example. The well-established, highly capable company quickly delivered a sizeable first project to supply 20 Hallett systems for an agricultural operation. This type of project is extremely valuable as a local reference to demonstrate UV Pure’s system performance, acceptance and technology leadership.