August 28, 2018

“Singapore is a leader in the adoption of innovative water technologies,” says Jose Gonzalez, UV Pure’s Director of International Sales. “It has the resources, level of organization and infrastructure needed to find the most advanced solutions for integrated water management.”


This is the strongest message for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the world coming out of this year’s Singapore International Water Week according to Gonzalez, who attended the conference from July 8 to 12, 2018.

Singapore is a leader in water management in part because it has a very clear and direct water strategy that can be applied around the world.

Three main priorities developed by Singapore’s national water agency:

  1. collecting every drop of rainwater,
  2. thinking of water as an endlessly reusable resource, and
  3. turning seawater into drinking water.

These three strategies can benefit significantly from reliable, chemical-free UV disinfection, particularly for residential use. Netatech Pte. Ltd., the exclusive representative for UV Pure products in Singapore, is well positioned to support the national water agency’s priorities since it provides highly integrated solutions that enable simple operation with exceptional performance and control.

Read our case study to see how an innovative rainwater harvesting system, designed by Netatech Pte. Ltd. and equipped with UV Pure disinfection, at a luxury housing property is contributing to Singapore’s goal of water self-sufficiency.

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